1. Welcome to the Toledano website (hereinafter: “website”) owned by Hilla Toledano Company, RC 036945624 (hereinafter: “company”).
  2. The instructions herein apply to any use made of the website. Surfing and/or any action on the site, including placing an order, constitutes consent for acceptance of the regulations and to uphold its provisions.
  3. Use of the website constitutes a statement that the user is aware of the instructions herein and accepts them and neither he/she and/or anyone acting on their behalf shall bear any complaint and/or claim against the company and/or anyone acting on its behalf, except claims relating to the company’s violation of its undertakings herein.
  4. The company reserves the right to amend these regulations from time to time at its exclusive and absolute discretion without having to provide prior warning and/or notice.
  5. If the means of payment with which the user intends to carry out the purchase is a credit card, the user is the owner of a valid credit card legally issued by one of the credit companies that operates in Israel or has received the willing consent of the owner of said credit card to make use of it.
  6. To remove doubt it is hereby clarified that the order will be approved subject to:
    6.1 If the means of payment chosen by the customer to carry out the purchase is a credit card – verification of the credit details and confirmation of payment sent by the credit company to the company. Should the order fail to receive confirmation, the company will not be obliged towards the customer in any way, including retaining the product in its inventory.
    6.2 Availability of the product in company inventory on the date of the order. The provisions herein do not derogate from the company’s obligation to return any sum paid by the customer, should any such sum have been remitted, or cancel the executed debit.
  7. The company may update4 prices of products on the website from time to time without prior notice. The valid price of the order that is made is the price on the website at the time the order is placed. Should prices be updated prior to the order being completed, the customer will be debited at the updated prices.
  8. The company may propose sales, bonuses and discounts onsite, and may terminate said sales, bonuses and discounts at any time, replace or modify them, without having to give any prior notice of the above.
  9. After confirmation of the order is provided, the company will supply the order to the address in Israel placed on the order form (hereinafter: “shipment”).
  10. The company will carry out the shipment using a delivery company or a messenger it employs, based on the window of time chosen by the customer when placing the order.
  11. Should the shipment fail to be supplied due to causes relating to the customer, including but without derogating, due to providing defective and/or false and/or imprecise information when placing the order and/or since the customer was not present at the address to which the shipment was delivered at the given time and/or the customer refused to accept the shipment, the customer will be obliged to pay the delivery fees and shipment handling fees.
  12. The company and/or delivery company may refuse to deliver an order to areas with limited access due to security reasons. In said case, delivery of the shipment will be coordinated with the customer by phone.
  13. A customer who places an order may cancel the transaction based on provisions of the Consumer Protection Act – 1981 (hereinafter: “Consumer Protection Act”) specified below:
    13.1 Cancellation of an order by the customer prior to the customer receiving it:
    13.1.1 As long as the order has not been delivered to the customer and until delivery is scheduled, the customer may cancel the order, all or part thereof, by written notice (including e-mail) and/or by directly phoning the _______________ studio on days _______________________ hours: _____________________.
    13.1.2 Should said order be cancelled as specified above, an e-mail notice confirming the above will be sent to the customer and the company will repay the customer, within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice, the sum he had paid, should the customer have chosen to carry out the purchase using a credit card, when placing the order, minus cancellation fees totaling 5% of the price of the order or NIS 100, the lower of the two.
    13.2 Cancellation of an order by the customer after the customer receives it:
    13.2.1 Should the order have been delivered to the customer, the customer may cancel the order, all or part thereof, within 2 days of its delivery, by written and/or oral notice to the company customer service specified in paragraph 5 above or to the dedicated link on the website. To remove doubt, after 2 days have elapsed from the date the order was received, it cannot be cancelled.
    13.2.2 Should an order be cancelled, the company will send the customer an e-mail message confirming cancellation of the purchase and the customer must return the products to Hilla Toledano Studio, address ___________ within 3 days from sending the cancellation order, provided said products are in good condition and have not been used, in their original packaging with all labels still attached to the item, intact and/or without any injury and/or damage and/or fault and/or defect of any type or kind. On sale items with 50% off and above there will be no cancellation, the customer will exchange to other item or receive a credit for future use.
    13.2.3 Subject to the above, the company will repay the customer, within 14 days from the date on which the intact product returned to the studio, the sum paid when placing the order, minus cancellation fees total of 5% of the price of the order or NIS 100, the lower of the two. Said repayment will be carried out by crediting the credit card through which the purchase was made.
    13.2.4 To remove doubt it is hereby clarified that when cancelling the order, the customer will not be entitled to repayment of any delivery fees he paid.
    13.3 Cancellation of order by the company:
    13.3.1 The company may cancel an order placed by the customer, at its sole and exclusive discretion in any of the following cases: technical defect on the site, in case the company is prevented from delivering said product/s.
    13.3.2 In any of said cases, the company will send the customer notice of cancellation of the order and the remuneration will be repaid to the customer within 14 days of receiving the notice. The customer hereby waives any complaint and/or demand and/or claim relating to the above.
  14. Warranty and sevice:
    14.1 Should a mistake occur in description and/or visibility of the color and/or the manner in which the color looks on the user’s screen, this will not bind the company. The onsite color catalog is designated for illustration purposes only and difference may occur between the colors presented online, all or part thereof, and the colors actually sold.
    14.2 Subject to all legal provisions, the company will not bear liability for any damage of any type incurred by the customer or anyone acting on his behalf, should any of the information fed by the customer when placing the order gets lost or reaches a party that is not the company and/or unpermitted use is made of it.
    14.3 The company will not be liable for any delay or lateness in provision of the order and/or lack of delivery thereof, caused by “force majeure” and/or events that are not under the company’s control, including strikes, stoppage, natural disasters, unusual weather etc., computer or telephone system failures that detract from completion of the purchase process or e-mail service malfunctions.
    ** The company retains the right to amend the regulations herein from time to time.